for SPRING 2021, beginning Wednesday, April 7th: Cost for the outdoor 8-week session is $245 including all materials and program fees. 

Classes will be prorated for latecomers at a reduction of $25 per missed class.*

If you miss class, please note, you will get a recording of the class prior to each week

you may also make up at another time,

If you can't get it in during the session, we can add some ad hoc extra classes in July as a makeup day

You may purchase kits with sticks, eggs, and scarves for one adult and one child with your registration, or you may bring these things from home. 

The cost for the first set is $30 and $15 for each additional person.  


*(to get the materials and craft a personal schedule, please contact us)

If you are suffering financial hardship,

you may use coupon code "Pandemic" at checkout. 

If you are doing well in these times, you can sponsor another family

by voluntarily donating $200 or help to offset costs for another family by donating $50 at checkout.