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Best music class ever. My three children and I describe Naomi music class as our positive energy shot for the week. It has nothing to do with all music classes we tried before: children of all ages are very engaged and also free of following their own mood, parents and caregivers are given tips to introduce music in their routine and since I sing to get the plates in the dishwasher and the teeth brushed it all done in a minute without me getting impatient (a gem!), children start thinking like musicians at home (counting the number of times the same beat is repeated in a song, creating their own songs from their today life, ...) it is pretty amazing to hear.
Last but not least Naomi is so flexible on arranging make up classes. I would just say try once I am pretty sure you will love it.

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Best music class ever

We have been in class with Noami through three kids and about 5 years. She is amazing! My kids absolutely love the class and my 7 year old still enjoys singing along to Music Together CDs in the car. The music and the movement keep the kids engaged though the whole class. I can't recommend it highly enough!


Lisa W

My 3 children all went through Naomi's entire program, from infancy through age 5, and one of them even did a class for slightly older children one year. Naomi is a fantastic teacher. She is dedicated, fun with the kids, truly knowledgeable (both about music and also about child development Andre musical education), and the parents and caregivers learned as much as the kids. Her class was one of the bright spots in our week for the better part of ten years (!), and incidentally I met great long-term friends in that class, too. I cannot recommend her class highly enough.


My daughter and I attended Music Together and we loved it. I took her from the time she was 6 months until she was 14 months and we stopped only because we moved to CA. I am a dance instructor for babies and parents and I design these interactive classes so I feel like I can say with some authority that Naomi teaches a nice class.

Jessica, mom to Sienna

I remember, before I was sure that I was able to have children, watching Naomi's Music Together class from behind the door at my synagogue , where the class is held. I was fascinated. I was fascinated at how expert a teacher Naomi, my shul friend, appeared to be, a side of her I was not then familiar with, and of how simply wonderful the class seemed. I longed for it to me my turn to be with my child in that class. G-d was kind to me and I eventually got that turn. The first class I attended with my almost 6 month old twins was a very moving experience. When we got to the lullaby part at the end of class I fought back tears. Frankly, I still feel that way at the end of most of Naomi's amazing classes. That was almost 5 years ago. Since then I have had the privilege of attending Naomi's Music Together Classes not only with my twins, but with their baby sister who is now two and a half. This Summer, while the twins were in camp, I attended class with the baby. This felt particularly special and poignant. For one thing, I am a Music Together veteran now. I am less obsessed with whether the kid I am in class with is shaking her instrument perfectly. I am familiar with the catchy songs and I feel like I am the one taking and enjoying the class now. So I focus less on the child I am with, and, ironically, this makes a better experience for both of us. We both just engage. I learned through Naomi's guidance that my kids will model me making music, and that it does not matter if I can not really carry a tune; it is more the fact that I enjoy music that I am imparting. My baby is almost 3, and entering a nearly full time pre-school program in September. Alas, MT might be over for me now, I think this is the last of my kids. I realize in retrospect how much I actually learned about music, about parenting, and about myself in Naomi's classes. This is not just something to do to pass the time with your kid. It is an experience every parent and child should have. Naomi's Music Together Class is the best program of this kind that I could recommend spending your hard earned money and precious time on."

Michelle, mom to Esti, Eli, and

I was P's nanny, and I want to thank you for your wonderful classes. P and I really enjoyed the classes and I got much more comfortable with music. (I was always worried that my musical ability/training wasn't enough so I shouldn't sing with children.) Your class was my favorite activity of the week and P asked every day if it was Music Together day. The songs and class featured quite heavily in our conversations and in her dramatic play. And when we drew and painted, she made pictures of her favorite animal "froggy" going to see you and singing as he went along :).

P's Nanny

I have worked in child development for over a decade, primarily in program development/evaluation and designing developmentally appropriate learning environments and activities for birth-elementary school. And my graduate work was in evaluating the interactions of toddlers with their caregivers and the environment. This is the first class I have been to that addresses the needs of the whole child in a developmentally appropriate manner. Its was engaging, educational, AND enjoyable. I have always been uncomfortable with my musical abilities and apprehensive about going to music classes, but I immediately felt comfortable in your class. In other programs, I always felt pressured to make the children participate and I know that interferes with learning and enjoyment. Feel free to contact me any time you need someone to recommend the class. Thank you for all you do.  All the best!

Thank you so much!


B loves music together so much. I don't have a sense of if she shows that in class but she's taken to turning on the music via the app herself and singing hello! If she wants us to help. We very often have a dance party (3-4x a week) especially to our family song old brass wagon.

B's Mom

Both my 5 year old daughter and 2.5 year old son have been in Naomi's classes for several years now. They love the songs and sing them together at bath time and perform them when we ichat with their grandparents. I often catch my daughter (or myself!) singing or humming one of the songs while working on a puzzle or an art project. Even when I think my son isn't paying attention in class he always proves me wrong once we get home! Oh, and I learn something new each week with Naomi, she's a great teacher for both children and adults. I'd highly recommend her classes!

Caryn, mom to William and Ava

"Naomi's passion for music, her expertise as an instructor and her affection for my son are the main reasons I believe William constantly sings little songs and spontaneously creates when he should be napping or sings along with the radio damn near perfectly even if he can't pronounce the lyrics as we drive or plays with anything he can pound to make a sound."

Alex, dad to William, in MT sin

We've had a blast … I was meaning to email you today anyway to let you know that, aside from Una constantly demanding the CD (she calls it "Boston" after her favorite song), for the last two days she has wanted to sit with us while we go through the Music Together Book and "read" all the songs.  So we talk about the pictures and then sing the first verse or two of every song and then she moves on . . . and she loves to do this two or three times all the way through per session!

It's wonderful to see that though she's a bit shy in the class she's just all over it at home.  So thank you.

Best, Leah (mom to Una age 1.7)

We have been back in Tokyo for almost a year.  We don't have immediate plans to go back to Brooklyn, or to the U.S. for that matter, but I'm happy to report that Koharu, now almost two, goes to a nursery school and teachers there often tell us that she just loves to sing and dance.  I personally believe this is because of her early exposure to Music Together.  I can confirm this because when I did that "little frog who drinks up all the water in the bathtub" for the first time after a year, note that we have not spoken to her in English at all, she immediately started to do the hands and singing!  It's amazing how much of what she experienced between the ages of 6 to 10 months is still blooming in her.  We have been busy for moving across the Pacific and settling down but it's definitely one of my new year's resolutions to sing and listen to music with her more often."

Aya, mother of Koharu age 23 mon

"My daughter and I attended Music Together and we loved it. I took her from the time she was 6 months until she was 14 months and we stopped only because we moved to CA. I am a dance instructor for babies and parents and I design these interactive classes so I feel like I can say with some authority that Naomi teaches a nice class."

Jessica, mom to Sienna

"My son loves music together! It has been very fun to watch him become increasingly engaged in the sessions over the past few months.  Naomi is full of energy and enthusiam, her love for music and the children really makes the class special."  Aeri adds: "we just got back from a ten-hour car ride. The Music Together cds saved our trip!! It was just about the only thing that would get him to calm down."

Aeri. mother to 14 month-old boy

"Naomi is great at teaching kids and parents about the nature of music. Her enthusiasm is infectious! I now feel I know a lot more about how to incorporate music into the day to day experiences I have with my child.

And it was a lot of fun!"

Judah, Father of Anders 10 month

"Your class has been such a wonderful experience for Oliver (and me)  and we continue to listen to all of the MT CDs.  In fact, 5 of the 6  discs in our CD player at home are from MT and it's amazing how he recalls  the things we did in class - sometimes several semesters later!  Just last week, he started doing this mixing motion with 2 hands together as if he was in the kitchen when the "Sweet Potato" song came on.  It brought a smile to my face and I thought you'd be proud to know."

Tom, Daddy to Oliver Aug, 2007

"My son and I had never been to a music class before, but when his little brother was born, I decided it was time to have a place that he and I could go to together and get away from the stress of home -- a place where he could dance and sing and play with kids his own age. We were so lucky to have stumbled upon Naomi's class, as it not only taught him how to listen, mimic others, play instruments, and start to hum and sing, but it provided a warm and loving atmosphere. Naomi was always attentive to his needs and when she would dance with him his eyes would light up. He couldn't wait to give her a hug at the end of every class. And as soon as we left, he talked about it for the whole week, until we were back again."

Alex, mom to Archer, 2 years old

I have been taking Music Together with Naomi for 4 years, since my older son was 8 weeks old, and both of my boys have gained a musical knowledge that is invaluable! Naomi is so passionate about music and making music a real presence kids' lives. Because of her, music is a part of our lives every day!


My daughter, Sophia, started Music Together with Naomi since she was 5 or 6 month old. We have to thank Naomi for Sophia's affinity for music. Sophia is now 2 years old and started 2 days/week school with conflicting schedule. We will love to come back once we can work around our schedules. Sincerely, Alex Cho.


Hello Naomi! Hope you are well and safe. Not sure if you remember me, but my son Oliver (now a rising junior in high school) and I used to take your MT classes in Brooklyn Heights when he was a preschooler (2006-2008). I was one of the few stay-at-home dads then in your class, and have very fond memories of our time with you. 
Three years ago, Oliver "re-discovered" the joy of music when he joined his Middle School Drama club. At 15 now, he sings with his high school chorus and acapella groups. He is active with the high school drama club and local community theatre, and just loves singing and performing musical theatre. 
Someone recently asked me where his musicality comes from (since neither my wife nor I are particularly musical). Thinking back, your classes were his first introduction to music, and I remember you talking about the importance of exposing children to a rich musical environment so they can develop basic music competence for life. Well, I wanted to email and say you were so right, so thank you for sharing your gift and love of music with us.