Terms and Conditions

In consideration for payment, Naomi's Music families are entitled to up to 10 classes per session, registration fees, materials and all service fees.  NO REFUNDS after the first day of class. REFUNDS and tuition roll-overs can only be accepted due to extreme, extenuating circumstances, and solely at the discretion of Naomi's Music. 

NO REFUNDS or tuition roll-overs will be offered due to nap and scheduling conflicts since make-ups are available at all times, and since proration is available for anticipated, missed classes. Make-ups are available during every scheduled class. 

Music Together® families are expected to exercise reasonable judgement regarding the health of their children and agree not to endanger the health of other children if they are aware that their child has a contageous infection.

Music Together families consent that their images can be shown in photographs or video clips and may be used by Naomi Weinberger and Naomi’s Music to promote Music Together. Furthermore, such photographs and video clips shall be the sole property of Naomi Weinberger and/or Naomi’s Music, and she shall have the right to duplicate, reproduce, and post same on the internet as free and clear of any claim whatsoever on their part. Music Together families understand that names will not be printed. (That said- if you have an objection to this policy, please speak to Naomi.)

Music Together families agree to waive Naomi's Music, and Music Together LLC of all claim for Personal injury or property damage that may arise from use of the facilities, and also accept responsibility for their safety and the safety of their children before, during, and after Music Together and CyBC classes.